About Us

About Us

STAFFWORKS is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our experienced staff provides employment solutions for businesses, industries, and government agencies focusing on customer satisfaction, consistent quality of service, and dependability.

Our goal is to provide strategic employment solutions that enable employers to meet their staffing needs in a cost effective manner. Our three staffing groups (Office Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Technical Solutions) provide innovative human resource and employment solutions that will allow you to increase productivity, quality, and profitability.

We care about our candidates and take pride in the efficient service we provide our employers. This unique attitude toward staffing needs shows why our staff is so successful at providing employment solutions for both the employer and candidate. Many of our candidates are qualified for “direct” hiring following the temp solution. This often reduces the need for recruiting, interviews, testing, and reference checks for many employers and obviously benefits our candidates as well. Everyone prospers.

Technology enhancements and in-depth screening processes give us an advantage above the rest, leading to prompt and accurate staffing solutions.

For you, the employer, our flexible peak and off-peak solutions, combined with a customer-focused approach allows us to focus on those staffing challenges while you focus on the business. The result is a more efficient, productive work environment.